Become a Biosphere Ambassador

A biosphere ambassador has the knowledge, interest, and commitment to spread information about our biosphere reserve to others. All biosphere ambassadors are allowed to define their own role as ambassadors – some use the knowledge and contacts in their professional lives, while others want to work for sustainable development within different associations or on a purely personal level. All our ambassadors are very valuable for the activities of the biosphere reserve!

The biosphere ambassadors meet regularly to discuss various topics that deepen their knowledge of the Baltic Sea, sustainable business, environmental issues, and other things that are important to know if you want to work for a viable archipelago. The ambassadors take active part in the biosphere reserve’s regular activities, for example in our recurring events, the Archipelago Sea’s winter meeting and the Forum for Archipelago Research. Whenever possible, an ambassador participates in different national or international network meetings.

The biosphere office maintains a register of ambassadors; involving different people in specific situations and offering further training or network meetings when needed.

The biosphere ambassador training, which has been arranged in collaboration with the Centre for Lifelong Learning (Åbo Akademi), is open to everyone. Get in touch and we will tell you more!