With tens of thousands of islands and skerries, the Archipelago Sea area is a unique place on earth. It is a living archipelago, with nearly 100 inhabited islands. The cultural landscapes and many different types of biotopes, both above and below the water surface, make the Archipelago Sea one of the most species-rich areas in the entire country.

Since 1994, large parts of the archipelago have been part of UNESCO’s global network of biosphere reserves. All biosphere reserves strive to improve the relationship between people and nature. Together with locals, entrepreneurs, researchers, authorities and various organizations, the Archipelago Sea biosphere reserve work for sustainable ways of living and working in the archipelago – ways that promote a positive island development and a clean sea.

Here you will soon find information on what a biosphere reserve is, what we do within the Archipelago Sea biosphere reserve and in what way you can participate. You will also find information about the nature and culture in the area, and information on how you as a visitor can experience the biosphere reserve of the Archipelago Sea.

You are very welcome! We are all part of the biosphere!

(The English part is being updated)