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Archipelago Sea UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Welcome to the Biosphere trail! A balance between man and nature – that is the beacon for the biosphere reserve. With its tens of thousands of islands and skerries, the Archipelago Sea is a unique place on Earth. It is a living archipelago with over 120 inhabited islands. The cultural landscape and the many different ecosystems, both above and below the water’s surface, make the Archipelago Sea one of the species-richest areas in Finland. 

These are some of the reasons why large parts of the Archipelago Sea received the status of biosphere reserve by UNESCO already in 1994. A biosphere reserve promotes working towards a sustainable society so that future generations can enjoy the rich nature. 

Local residents, entrepreneurs, researchers, authorities and various organisations all have their own role in the Archipelago Sea Biosphere Reserve and contribute in their own way to finding sustainable solutions for living and working in the archipelago. The biosphere reserve has many active biosphere ambassadors and biosphere partners, who are valuable to the work of the biosphere reserve. 

In the biosphere reserve, we work to promote viable communities, sustainability education, the condition of the sea, biological diversity, management of valuable ecosystems, and sustainable tourism. Whether you are a local or a visitor in the archipelago, you can contribute to a sustainable future through your everyday decisions. Sustainable decisions in your everyday life increase well-being and bring a sense of balance to your life. Along this path, you can practise your physical balance with the help of the balance exercises found on each sign. Both in life and along this path, balance at your own risk!

Can you balance like this?

Did you know? There are well over 700 biosphere reserves worldwide, and they cover approximately five per cent of the earth’s surface. Over 260 million people live in a biosphere reserve. In Finland there is also a biosphere reserve in North Karelia.

The biosphere reserve belongs to UNESCO’s programme “Man and the Biosphere (MAB)”, which aims to work towards a sustainable future in which the reserve’s unique nature and culture are protected and also used on a sustainable basis to promote a vibrant local community.